How to use 2 Whatsapp in same mobile

Are you looking for something which can help you to install Dual Whatsapp on single Android phone? Nowadays dual SIM phones are popular among people. People with more than one SIM usually feel to have two Whatsapp account Or  two Facebook or any other app in the single phone.  Easiest solution for this problem is Parallel Space Multiple Account.

parallel space


Lets first understand what Parallel Space is

Parallel Space is an Android app which enables to use multiple accounts of any app on single Android phone in same time. Parallel Space helps to create  dual account of any app easily such as  two Whatsapp, two Instagram, two Facebook, two Snapchat and multiple accounts of any game.

 Parallel Space does not Require Rooting

Parallel Space is 2MB app available for  installation from play store .It is a safe process which help to create multiple accounts of any app in just 2 minutes.

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Characteristic of Parallel Space

  • Help to use Multiple Account of Android App simultaneously
  • Size is 2MB Only.
  • Separate Task Manager for Managing apps running in Parallel Space
  • Storage Manager to Manage App Data
  •  It switch with Swipe option.

Steps to Install Dual Whatsapp in same phone

Steps involved in installing two Whatsapp in one Android phone. Similar steps can be use to create multiple accounts of any Android app.

  • First and formost step is to download and Install The Parallel Space app from Play Store.


multiple whatsapp

  •  Open The Parallel Space app and tap on the + icon.

two whatsapp


  • Then  Select Whatsapp from the list.


whatsapp two accounts

  • Next step is to set WhatsApp with new account credentials.


whatsapp mobile

  • Now two accounts of Whatsapp have been installed successfully.
  •  Swipe to switch parallel space. Now go to settings and turn on Swipe to Parallel Space.

Similar steps can be use to create the dual account of any app. This is one of the best apps to create multiple accounts.

 Accessing Contacts in Parallel Space Whatsapp

  • First thing is to update Parallel Space app.
  • Try to access contacts through Whatsapp app. Give Parallel Space permission to access your contacts.
  • Incase you are unable to get Contacts, Just go to app permission menu. Parallel Space will read the contacts.
  •  Go to Parallel Space Whatsapp to check whether you get all your contacts there.




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